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Opinion required for further treatment - RCA occlusion

AGE: 66Yrs
HEMODYNAMIC DATA: AO: 140/80/110mmHg
LAD is a type III vessel with 90% stenosis in proximal segment. Rest of LAD is normal. D1 has osteal 80% lesion
LCx is a non-dominant vessel with osteal 90% lesion followed by 70% lesion in proximal segment. OM's are have luminal irregulaities
RCA is a dominant vessel with 100% occlusion in proximal segment. PDA and PLVB are filling retrogeadely from LCA injection
LIMA & RIMA - Normal
Angiographic Disgnosis: CAD - 3 Vessel Disease. Right Domnant System.
The above is my father's angiography report. Can any one give the opinion about further treatment
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Hi, as the right side coronary circulation is dominant, stenosis of RCA greater than 70% is an indication for Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting. He also has blocks in the LCX and LAD.. So, surgery may be the option.  This may again depend on his clinical symptoms and his general health condition. You will have to discuss the prognostic indications with his treating doctor before consenting for surgery. Regards.
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Not sure but my husband had 5 bypasses before and it said RCA is totally occluded. He just had another cath and had stent placed. They mentioned the RCA being 100% occluded.  Said they will not do anything to it. I too don't understand what they mean.  Wish your dad the best.
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