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Coping with fear during pandemic

How are you all coping with the inevitable fear.  Fear of our health, our finances, life changing forever.  What are your coping strategies?  Anything you are looking at in a new way now verses before?  
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I'm still working, so I'm not worried about finances, though I know many are.

I'm scared for my health, for my mother's health, for everyone's health.

I've started to stop watching the news, and am only allowing myself a certain amount of time for that, like the local evening news and world news.

Other than that, I have no coping strategies. I've ordered some games and puzzles and stuff from Amazon, and some have even arrived. Escapism helps.
There are a couple of apps you can get on your phone that are pretty cool at times like this.  My son uses one called Headspace which is free.  His psychologist recommended it.  It gives calming exercises, has guided meditation (that even a teenager will do), etc.  I got one for myself called Calm.  It's free but I just upgraded to the one that has a charge for it.  I'll let you know if it is worth it.  It also has guided meditation.  Now, I've always been not a meditation fan.  I'm way to either unable to sit still or falling asleep for that.  But this is different.  They really made it for the masses and it's helpful.  So, Headspace and Calm, I can recommend both.  

We have puzzles out here too. What games did you get from Amazon?  I'm a big fan of distraction.  Netflix is well worth every penny these days!
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I've been working from home for 3 weeks now  ..  stay at home orders came next, with social distancing .. and now, the CDC has imposed a travel ban ... I have been considering doing free online yoga or mediation classes .. they are listed in local groups I belong to online in my town.  I have resumed watching my favorite evening TV shows and allowing myself to enjoy them, along with popcorn and a glass of wine.  
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As I mentioned above, I am not sleeping as well and more tired. Also, the thought of this lasting until we get a vaccine (year and a half maybe) is hard. One weeks seems like a month. I am coping by trying to keep a similar schedule, with a mixture of exercise, house work, and art or reading etc. I bought weights before we got locked down and so I work out with those 2 times a week and walk on most of the other days. I write to friends often on social media. Keep connected to them. Getting as knowledgeable as possible about it all. We try to not talk about it when we first get up and about an hour before bed.
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There are some games like words with friends on your cell phone you can down load that app. It has people you can play scrabble with. I like that game. Also, I play design home. Keep busy and walk around even inside the house. If you can get out a little stay away from people. I cross the street because a lot of people won't move and don't care about social distancing here in San Diego. Also, keep in touch with friends and family and social media helps . I write to my friends all day or join a friendly chat like this.

Joggers are the worst because they come at high speed around corners, so if you have your back turned on a sidewalk they can get close to you before you notice. I treat every walk outside the house or in supermarket aisle intersections as if I am expecting to get mugged. Look behind yourself and ahead to make sure no one is going to cause a problem. I wish the stores would tape arrows on the floors to make every aisle one way so we wouldn't end up with a game of chicken when people enter an aisle from both ends. They must think most people aren't ready for that yet.
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