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COVID and Holiday Gatherings

We know that health institutions worldwide have urged people to avoid mass gatherings, or really, gathering at all, during the current and upcoming holiday season.   I am hopeful that no one here is planning to ignore the warnings, but is anyone getting pressure to do so?

I host Thanksgiving dinner every year, and invite all family and friends to join in.  This year, we're only having my parents over (they have been isolated, and so have we) for a few hours.  I feel a bit bad, because this means that some of my friends will spend Thanksgiving alone, or alone as a couple, but I've been extremely honest about our reasons: "We would love to have you  join us, but we're playing it safe, and helping stop the spread.  Hopefully, we can celebrate together next year."  I still feel somewhat guilty.

What's everyone else doing, and if you're isolating, how do you turn down suggestions to gather?
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Ooohh holiday anxiety and guilt is my jam this year.

I am single, but have family nearby. I have medical conditions that make me somewhat higher risk for covid. I have seen them a few times since March. I am VERY covid-conscious. My family isn't nearly as much. I won't get into detail, but they really, really aren't.

There's been some back and forth about Thanksgiving, and I think I'm opting out. Cue the guilt. I do feel bad, but my anxiety over the whole thing - and I'm not an anxious person - means I probably won't be going.

If it were friends, I'd have no problems just saying, "Thank you for thinking of me, but no, not this year". I still don't know what I'm going to tell my family, who realistically, have probably already figured it out.
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It was easier in my extended family -- we usually get together for every birthday. but this year have not been getting together for those, so we've had practice. (Did a couple of birthday car parades and one very distanced birthday event outside in shifts for my very old mother back in July, but that was it.) By now, nobody assumes we will get together in person and so nobody feels like they have to explain. Cooking a full dinner seemed like a bit much, so I ordered a pre-cooked turkey and trimmings from our local natural-food store, and my son, husband and I will eat that. Son wants to set up a Zoom call with the family, I was meh about it but now think it might actually be pretty fun.

Christmas will be a bigger letdown for us than Thanksgiving, since it's usually a week crammed with cookie bakes, singalongs, game nights and present exchanges. We've been talking about ways to make it seem special even if different. No bright ideas yet.
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I am foregoing my usual Thanksgiving.  gulp.  I have 'gone somewhere' on Thanksgiving my entire life. For the past 10 years to my sister's house.  I take lots of food but she makes the turkey.  gulp. Putting my big pants on and making my first turkey ever this year.  lol.  I mean, really.  I guess it is time at my age!  I'm worried my boys won't think it is that fun (husband included).  The kids enjoy seeing cousins.  Husband enjoys any socializing he can get. But I'm determined to make a fun day of it.  I am planning the meal to have free time (well, some) during the day to take a family hike/walk.  Play some frisbee in the back yard.  (things THEY like to do), having some games to play around the table that isn't set for dinner.  I'm going to facetime my sister.  We'll see how it goes.  

Going to stay positive about it rather than feel like I'm missing out and I do NOT want covid.  

Christmas.  No decisions yet on what we'll do.  
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No problems here.  My wife and I have family that are really far away.  I've been stuck here with agoraphobia for many years, so I do holidays for myself as I can't get anywhere and nobody is going to bring everyone all the way here.  I make the turkey and the stuffing and the whole shebang and my wife and I pig out on it ourselves for 4 days and freeze the rest.  More for us.  Peace, all.
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