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Can covid19 vaccine be taken with these STD diseases?

Is it safe to take covid19 vaccine for people infected with STD diseases like HIV, herpes, HPV, hepatitis, etc?
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Talk with your doctor about the particular condition you have, because you can't rely on generalizations. The vaccine causes your body to attack the spike part of the Covid molecule, not anything related to any another disease. If someone is very ill and medically fragile, their doctor will probably either say to get the Covid vaccination right now (because the fragile person really needs the protection from Covid) or might possibly say that they are too fragile to take it. But to know this, one would have to know the particular person and their illness.
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Agree totally with Annie. There is a huge difference in how HIV works in your body than how herpes does, and your doctor can address your specific questions based on your specific health.

There are a lot of STDs, and while it may be fine for someone to take it if they have herpes, generally speaking, if someone has herpes AND HIV, their doctor should advise them on that.

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Co-morbid conditions like HIV, Tuberculosis, Diabetes, etc., compromise one's immunity. So my recommendation to all with chronic diseases is to take the vaccine at the earliest.
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