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Can the covid vaccine effect stem cells negatively

Just got a stem cell injection from my own bone marrow to put in my hip to see if it can help with the aid and the pain of a torn labrum. Can the covid vaccine destroy the stem cells I just got. It was very expense and I would hate for it to be for nothing.
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Talk with your doctor. None of the approved COVID-19 vaccines are ‘live’ vaccines, which means they would be suitable for people who have had stem-cell therapy, but your doctor will have the most up-to-date information on the question.
But do be prepared to run into a dead-end, as this is an experimental therapy.  But it's hard to see how a vaccine would affect it, all they do is provoke a recognition of the spike protein in covid 19 if you should come into contact with it so your body will recognize it and provide an effective immune system response to that one disease.  So I'm guessing the vaccine won't affect it, but you do need to talk to whoever did your treatment and get an opinion.
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