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Can you get covid twice?

What should we know about reinfection?  Can we get covid 19 twice (or more)?  
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Possibly.  Maybe probably if you consider a long time frame.  There is no indication immunity from an infection lasts a long time.  There isn't even any indication immunity from a vaccine will last a long time.  There are a few patients who have been reported becoming reinfected, and they had a worse time the second time around.  Some other docs are skeptical, wondering if the first diagnosis might have been incorrect especially given the inaccuracy of testing.  But from what I have heard from interviews with the docs who had the patients infected twice, they were there and this is what they saw.  But it's a tiny number of people so far.  The answer to your question is, I believe, currently, nobody knows a lot about this yet but probably you can but most likely won't.    
I should have said, probably won't in a short time frame.  I haven't heard anyone say they believe it's a long-term immunity.
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There have been 25 cases of reinfection, according to this group that's been tracking it - https://bnonews.com/index.php/2020/08/covid-19-reinfection-tracker/

The average interval between infections is 78 days (and there's only 25 confirmed cases so far), but there is a wide range. There are 579 suspected cases.

The shortest is 12 days - the details say it was not really a reinfection, but a co-infection of two virus variants, though there is one at 13 days of an actual reinfection, a healthcare worker. The longest is 185 days.

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