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Covid Taste and Smell Issues Six Months After

I had covid 6 months ago!  I still have less acute smell and altered taste. I know how food should taste (eating is something I take seriously!) and smell.  I have read that there is a nerve that becomes inflamed (why we lose smell) and it can take some time to get back to normal. But am wondering WHEN?!  Will it be like this forever and I will never appreciate my favorite perfume, my pumpkin spice Yankee candle, dinner cooking deliciuosly on the stove?  Will things that used to taste good to me always for now on have an offputting taste instead?  I do smell 'some' and taste.  But it's not back to normal.  
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What does your doctor say?  I've seen interviews with people who have this long haul covid symptom and some of them talked of some technique that basically teaches you to relearn how to taste and smell again.  I haven't heard anything unfortunately about why this happens, but it is not uncommon.  Covid causes a lot of long-term effects, and it hasn't been around long enough to know if any of them are permanent, but again, I have heard there are techniques that have been developed for other causes of this problem that appear to work for some.  Maybe it's a rerouting of the brain connections sort of thing.  Not that you need another problem in your life.
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Did you get the vax afterwards? Sometimes that cures long haulers.
Early literature shows that about a third of patients with long COVID feel better after the vaccine.

According to Survivor Corps, which describes itself as a grassroots movement for COVID-survivors, of the 931 long haulers who participated in a survey, 387 of them reported the vaccine alleviated their long COVID symptoms.

In a preliminary survey by UK advocacy group LongCovidSOS, the University of Exeter, and the University of Kent, 57% of participants said they experienced at least some improvement in symptoms. Fewer than 7% experienced only deteriorating symptoms. Though all vaccines showed benefits, they found the Moderna vaccine had the most positive results.

Galiatsatos said among his Johns Hopkins patients, about 50% experience improvements and the other 50% don’t notice any changes.

Dr. Benjamin Abramoff, head of the University of Pennsylvania’s Post-COVID Assessment and Recovery Clinic, said he’s observed similar trends among his long COVID patients, with about a third of patients experiencing improvements and the remainder not noticing any changes.

Abramoff said only a small number of his patients, fewer than 10%, experience persistent worsening of their long COVID symptoms after getting the vaccine. Some patients note an improvement after getting the vaccine, but two or three weeks later they begin to experience long COVID symptoms again, he added.
On another post she said she has gotten the vax after getting covid.
Both doses? I wonder if that can make a difference.
I think she started a thread about whether or not to get the vaccine, and that was awhile ago, so I presume that, yes, she has gotten both doses.  Her thread is still up, I would think, I think she started it by asking if she should get the vaccine since she had covid.
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