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Fever for 4 days covid??

I am 42 yr old had chills rigours severe body pains and fever since 4 days with throat pain and increased urination, and my initial test showed wbc normal platelet normal monocytes 10 lymphocyte 20. Dengue serology enteric serology neg d dimer LFT normal urine normal sars covid Rtpcr neg. my sats vary between 94-97 and resp rate 16. No fever today but weakness. Do I need hrct chest for covid
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Pls give advice anxious no more/ curfew
Urgent as I am freaking
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If you were tested for Covid and it was negative, it doesn't seem as though you would need a chest scan usually done for pulmonary fibrosis or emphysema. It sounds like your fever is down. If you are freaking out over the possibility of Covid, possibly you could get another Covid test. If it is also negative, look into getting some help for anxiety.
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A chest scan would be if there was suspicion something was going on there.  Now, you don't say what kind of covid test you had, and many of them have a lot of false negatives and false positives, especially the quicker ones.  From interviews with docs treating covid they all say you need several tests to be sure.  So we can't know if you have covid or not, but you did test negative.  It sounds like your doc did a thorough exam.  You could have the flu, you could have lots of things that aren't covid.  Before covid we all got sick sometimes.  So while we aren't doctors and can't tell you what it is you have, if you think you might still have covid what you would want isn't a picture of your chest but another covid test and it should be a good test, not a quick test.  And do know, your doctor knows a lot more about it and has seen you, so if you still have concerns I'd see your doc again.  Peace.
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