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I may have been exposed to Covid on March 13. (Tour bus to and from a casino near a community with an outbreak related to travelers returning home from an Egyptian cruise. I left home at 9am back home by 7pm.)

That night, I experienced a sudden dry barking chain of 6 coughs in about 1 minute (it felt like a flea had bit the back of my throat, just beyond the uvula) which was immediately followed by sudden onset flood of fluid from my sinuses down the back of my throat which was immediately followed by a separate flood of saliva into my mouth which triggered an overwhelming desire to throw up. I was retching and spitting but staved off throwing up. (zinc lozenge and mouthwash to trick the urge.) I then cycled between chills and feverish for 3 days. After 3 days I was fine... but I did experience a few days of skyrocketed blood pressure weeks later with tight pulsating base of neck and sharp stabs of pain under left lower rib cage. Today I feel great.

Feverish was 98.2 and MY normals run mid 96 to mid 97. (Couple yrs ago recovering from RSV I bottomed out in the mid 95's.)

My average body temp is always below what guidelines declare is normal. If I am feverish but below temp guidelines am I contagious to anyone whose body temp is higher than mine?
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Only way to know is to get a test that actually is accurate.  Most tests are not terribly accurate, so repeated testing is usually necessary.  Your symptoms certainly don't sound like covid, as your highest temperature at what you call "feverish" is still low.  But Covid affects different people very differently, some get very few symptoms, some get intense ones, and some take a long time to get the worst of it.  But you did what sounds like a very high-risk activity, so if testing is readily available in your area to anyone -- your current symptoms won't allow it even now in many jurisdictions -- you'd not only find out but you'd add to the data base.  Of course it is up to you, and again, if you do have it you have a very mild case so far.  Peace.
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