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Heart problems and Covid Travel

My husband has some complicated heart issues. We want to come to Cleveland clinic to be tested. But also worried about traveling since Cleveland has quite a lot of cases of Covid.  Should we take the chance and stay an hour outside of the city in a hotel? I think the heart issues are more concerning maybe, but I don’t want to do something stupid.
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I assume that you are in touch with the doctor who will be treating your husband at the Cleveland Clinic? What does he or she say about the timing of the visit?
They want him to have the tests.  Basically just said take the precautions as normal. But we’re just trying to decide if a test that can be done where we live in Kentucky, not many cases here compared to everyone else, or if we should come up there where there’s a whole lot more cases..  I think it’s safer to come there considering his issues.  Just worried about exposing ourselves in the hotel or traveling etc.
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Where is it that doesn't have a lot of cases of covid?  Not sure if Cleveland is surging right now, don't know.  If you drive there and stay socially isolated, it's the best you can do because heart problems are also a concern.  Covid isn't the only thing happening to folks.
I believe Louisville is surging.  It depends on where you are in a particular state, not just the state.  The problem with the virus right now is, it's moving to the places that were low now that the places where it was originally high did something about it.  The virus doesn't recognize boundaries or politics, it only knows survival.  It will keep looking for new hosts until it either plays itself out, mutates to a much milder disease, or we find a vaccine or get herd immunity, assuming that's possible.  Again, places that have been relatively free of it are now surging. as they didn't take the precautions the harder hit places did.  And it's possible that when the harder hit places open up again, it will come back.  We are all hoping this thing plays itself out or we adapt to it or we find a way to fight it.  Until then, a heart problem is also a big problem and has to be dealt with as well.  Peace.
An example, by the way, of a place that did take precautions and did great is California, which is now surging horribly after parts of the state opened up.  Those places are getting hit hard.  It's not to scare people to say this, it's more to say, we do need to keep our guard up.  Peace again.
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I can see you're worried about the numbers of cases, but my state has less than half of Kentucky's cases and deaths, and I wouldn't be afraid to go to Ohio. Just do your social distancing, wear your masks, and wash your hands. Have some spray-on hand sanitizer in your purse. Things like that.

My experience of medical locations during the pandemic is that they are the most careful places of all. When we go to get my son's allergy shots (which have to be kept up on a certain schedule or they reduce the strength of the shot), we're met at the door of the building by a nurse who takes temps, hands out masks, and asks about symptoms. There aren't as many people around as there used to be, the air flow is appropriate, etc.

You could call the hotel where you're going to find out what measures they take to sanitize the rooms. You could bring some spray Lysol or something like that, too. I assume you're driving and not flying? You could even pack an ice chest with food so you don't have to stop so often.

Good luck with this decision, I assume it isn't easy. But heart problems seem to be more serious than the risk of exposure, especially since there are things you can do to alleviate the risk.
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