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How many are staying at home? Social distancing? Isolating? Self-quaranting?

I'm high risk, so I'm staying home.

What about you? What are you doing? How many are actually staying home? Social distancing?

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.  I'm home.  I haven't left since last Friday when I went to the grocery store.  I will have to go out again today or tomorrow for a couple of things.  I'm mindful of keeping my distance from others.  My son asked me if he could run over to a friend's house today.  I'm mean, I said absolutely not.  I understand it's hard to stay in but it's important for us all.  
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I social distance by default because of what a med did to me years ago, but I am having a problem getting what I need as I evolved to trying to sleep in the daytime.  Even before this fewer places were staying open late I could get to, and now it's even harder.  Once a week my wife and I, on Saturday night, did our grocery shopping and then went out to dinner late.  No doing that now.
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The reason you need to stay 7 feet from humans is not just because of their potential to cough Covid 7 feet onto you. Measles coughs can travel 37 feet because it is a small virus but Covid is heavy and can't go so far because of the spiky exterior that is so useful for it to attach to surfaces and infect us. When you pronounce the F and G sounds saliva is also spit out of your mouth, so keep your 7 feet distance even if they aren't coughing.
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My husband is like a caged lion.  He is not handling this very well and if anyone is going to break and go out into the public to give us the virus, it's him.  I read a funny meme, it was a crime report.  It says :  robberis: 0, breaking an entering: 0, fraud: 0.  Husband and wife fights:  5,923.  Ha.  We are all locked in the house together.  Anyway, husband keeps looking like he is going to head out the door and I'm on him like a nag reminding him he could make us all sick and he has to stay home.  Such fun.  But other than some essential errands, we are home.  
Im torally in the same boat as your husband and im still going to work 3x's a week. I feel like im going insane!
Motye51, I understand.  lol  I just wish he'd be more pleasant about it.  He is acting a little like it was ME who grounded him.  And it is so awesome being the enforcer in the house.  

I tell him to think of it is a reverse exciting adventure!  It's still an adventure.  And in a lot of ways, the pressure is off in some parts of the world!  That's good you can get out to work 3 x a week.  I am not doing projects around the house like friends of mine are, wish I had their motivation.  But that's always a thought.  Throwing energy in all those tasks we all have.  Anyway, I'm always around to kill time with.  :>)  
How are you doing motye51?  Hanging in there, I hope!
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If you can get him to do this program, it will slow him down for 35 minutes then likely will lay him out flat, while he suffers silently with muscle aches for a few days.  If effective, repeat as necessary.
They say you only need a pullup bar but I did a bunch of them on the first day which didn't require one.
Is that for my husband?  He is getting out for a daily walk or run but it just fuels his desire to escape indefinitely.  Sigh.  But I'll talk about the alternatives!
special - Yes, sorry I should have addressed you. He won't be doing much running for a while if he does this for the recommended 3 times. Since your family is cooped up with him, perhaps it can be a friendly family event. I felt much better after trying it although I only did 6 exercises and not non-stop like they say. Baby steps. But I'm going back at it today.
We are a shelter in place state but we are allowed to go outside.  We can walk, run, bike ride, any of that.  What I do and others do is when you approach someone, you just go onto the road or into the grass off the side walk and pass at a distance.  Part of our stay at order calls outside exercise 'essential'.  But I do like other suggestions as it gets old doing same walks and such for me and I'm sure him as well.  
I do quite a long workout on the floor of my living room while listening to the TV.  Because of way too many injured body parts I got a ton of PT to do, and used to do a lot of it at the gym where they had the equipment, but a couple years ago I just hurt everything and there wasn't anything left at the gym I could do.  It's been a real struggle for me, as I've led a very active life, playing basketball, doing martial arts, running, etc.  Now I walk late at night when there's absolutely nobody but me out there, and come home and start doing my core exercises and stretches.  Doesn't actually work anymore, but don't know what else to do, but there's a ton of stuff you can do using your body or some resistance bands that can be an intense workout.  My wife is still walking every day instead of alternating days at the gym with walking, and is reading a ton because she doesn't have to spend all day trying to sleep and trying to avoid pain.  She's also working on a book she's writing.  I was a fiction writer, but the drug reaction took that part of my mind and threw it away somewhere I can't find.  Tonight, Saturday night, we'll still do part of our shopping at one health food store that stays open until 9PM and finish at the Whole Foods in the morning, as they close earlier now and open earlier.  Instead of our usual one night a week restaurant visit to the few places we can find that stay open late enough for us to get to we'll get take out and eat at the dining room table (we don't usually eat together, as I keep such a weird schedule).  I think we keep together because we seldom actually see one another!  So it's been a change for her but not so much for me.  I've said before, as a late night person, put the curfew on in the daytime when the herd is out.  At night, there's never that many folks in one place anyway.  Peace, all.
By the way, in case this lasts, a company called Power Systems is a good place to buy gym quality equipment for your home.  I had to learn about it because of the PT I was prescribed.  They have a lot of sales and sell to individuals, but mostly they sell to gyms.  That's how I learned about it, from my gym.  
I'll check out Power Systems.
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My city is at a complete lockdown for 21 days as of now, all local transport, shops, organisation and institutes are shut sparing the daily supply outlets only. Local law athorities have been very strict about not negotiating with any one wandering with out a good reason. I go out around my home, almost daily, for once to get groceries and necessary supplies as I don't want to hoard anything. I am being very cautious, I carry a sanitiser in my car and wash my hand at all times. I even got my workout bench and dumbbells home from my warehouse to ensure not stepping out of home for sometime, I was missing my workout for a week, I had to fix this as it was making me a bit unhappy.

I am usually not an anxious person or have issues with OCD. However, I must admit, I got a bit scared from an event lately, I met a friend on 20th March and she sat next to me in my car, we were trying to do some catching up, she told me that her dad returned from Dubai that morning and was advised home quarantine, I didn't think much about it until she left and I went home. I got a bit worried later that day when I read that a lot of people returning from Dubai to India got infected, I checked my temperature quite often for the last couple of days. I just realised I was being a bit anxious!

Considering the population of my country, which off-course is the second largest in the world, our government is trying all possible measures and means to combat any undesirable situation, there are huge quarantine centers being deployed, ventilator arrangements are being made. At this point the official number of people infected is at about 700 but these numbers can go up drastically, if we get to stage 3, community infections are popping up slowly :(
You know, I was curious about that would work out.  People in India are kind of like Americans in that they don't necessarily like to do what the gov't tells them to do.  In the US we are having our usual red/blue divide, with right wing media attacking our own gov't experts and trying to talk our President into ending our isolation, which is amusing because he didn't order it in the first place, state governors and municipal mayors did.  But I did wonder how on Earth you get over a billion people in cities as crowded as India's to successfully isolate, but I'm reading that so far folks seem to be doing it.  
Hi Mike_no.  I'm the same.  It's a scary time.  I try not to go all doomsday but this seems to be a time in which precaution is to be taken for sure.  I understand how you feel.  I venture out to the grocery store and picture what I could be bringing back home to my family.  It's important to remember that most people recover.  If you were to contract the virus, you are healthy and young and odds are that you will recover.  However, it's not just us, is it?  It's those we love if you are in contact with your parents or anyone else.  I think the rule is 14 days.  So, for 14 days since you were with your friend, I'd be more than as careful as you were being.  You don't need to fully quarantine but I'd do the best you can to keep to yourself.  It's so sad to live like this but the fear is real.  I hope that we win with time and come up with ways to treat it soon.  Let us know how you are doing.  
Hi specialmom,

I am doing good. Thanks for writing. 14 days, exactly what I did, I immediately isolated my self away from my parents, they're high risk, mom's diabetic and dad's survived an MI. I am trying not to go there for another 6 days. My younger brother lives with them so I am happy that he is there to take care. I agree, my worst fear is to give this virus to my loved ones.

It's a sad situation but I am looking at some rays of hope. I have acquaintances from the HIV care group, I work with in Mumbai who are leading doctors and biologists, they are hopeful of some vaccine sooner. People are recovering with medicines. People above the age of 50, should isolate themselves completely, strictly at home. Nothing doing whatsoever at this point. You could suggest your husband to work out at home, there are a plenty of DIY videos on YouTube on working out with own body weight, yoga won't be a bad option either, will keep the mind at ease, if that doesn't work perhaps, allot him with daily household chores more than what he usually does, may be that should keep busy! Stay safe. We will win this.

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Hi Paxiled. Are we alike? Yes, I guess. Your and my people are dreamers and doers, problem with that is being rebellious, it comes as a byproduct, I suppose.

I was reading somewhere, your president wants to end this isolation and get the economy back on track before Easter, I thought that was impractical, looking at the present scenario.

Great question, how do they get billions of people to isolate? Use force. People are getting a great pasting of their life while it is being recorded and put up on social media. Scare tactics! Is it working? Yea, so far so good.

Stay safe.
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