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Is it possible I have corona?

In the past I’ve had chest tightness that came anytime the seasons switched. I live in GA so that’s pretty much once or twice a year. In the past week after eating out it’s become unbearable nothing like the mild ones I experienced before  where I went to the my primary care immediately but my chest X-ray was negative for anything as well as EKG. I also just went to the ER and received  a breathing treatment which helped but didn’t completely solve my problem. I don’t have a fever, rarely cough, and haven’t been out of the country. The chest tightness/pain has been my only symptoms. I do have some intestinal discomfort but I attribute that to an earlier condition from last October. I am at high risk for infections due to asthma as a child and bronchitis as a teenager.
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It's more likely you have a digestive problem or something connected to seasonal allergies.
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Sorry you aren't feeling well  The thing is, right now no one knows for sure unless they take a test.  You don't have the hallmark signs of cough and fever though.  That makes it more unlikely that you have the corona virus.  However, I'm looking forward to the antibody test that may shed some light on things further.  We all don't follow the typical pattern.  So, no one can say for sure until you've had your antibodies tested.  But you are out of the woods in terms of your breathing?  Do they suggest a nebulizer at home?  Any rescue inhalers?  Anything you can do?  

heart burn is known for causing some chest pain at times.  It has been mistaken for a heart attack.  Does this sound like what is going on? https://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/325019  You did the right thing to get checked out as you don't want to ignore chest pain and tightness.  Remember that shortness of breath involves oxygenation and the symptoms are not just chest tightness although that can be present.  
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And of course with just those symptoms you can't actually take a test right now.
Everywhere is different with regards of who gets tested and under what circumstances.  People need to call their own health care provider or the health department if they have symptoms and they will advise about testing.  Our drive up testing stations are everywhere but until they have an antibody test,  tests should be saved.

To to poster, feeling any better?
I am feeling a bit better but some of the tightness still lingers. The symptoms from the article don’t really apply to me. I was given a prescription for an inhaler but as of right now I don’t think it’s helped much I’ve been the same with or without using it.
You said you have experienced that tightness in the past when the seasons changed, so likely this is the same thing as before. Only a doctor can diagnose you though.
At present you don't have any Covid symptoms so I would relax wrt worrying about that disease. I hope you have been social distancing and washing your hands with soap whenever possible and avoid touching your face before washing, in which case you will likely not get Covid.
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