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Is my medical history putting me in more danger?i

A few years ago i had pneumonia and had to have a lobectomy. I had chest tubes draining fluid for 3 weeks. Im also an ex smoker of over 20 yrs. Im curious if that puts me in more danger of cov-19 would that be an underlying condition. If so would you recommend that i take greater precautions and stay at home? I am already constantly out of breath
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I recommend everyone in any age or health bracket take  the "greatest precautions" possible, since there is no guarantee that anyone will survive a Covid infection. For one example of a bad outcome, some people who got it in March are still sick with what they call long haul Covid, for which Fauci says there is no guarantee they will ever recover.
Lots of people are bored and want this to end so they feel like taking chances, but they lack perspective because if you get infected you can't escape whatever penalty Covid decides to impose on your body.
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I would say yes, you have "preexisting conditions." That would suggest you take all possible precautions.
Agree.  If COPD is an aggravating factor, it would stand to reason your situation is also.  Stay safe.
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Unfortunately, Yes. Smoking and lung issues puts you at a higher risk. Stay safe!
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