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Sorry -- this may sound like paranoia. I live in an apartment building and as I was turning a corner inside the building, someone coming from the opposite side of the corner I was turning literally bumped into me for a second. He had no mask on, while I had a mask and glasses on. This was literally a 1-2 second "interaction" as we essentially bumped into each other, but kept moving. I assume this is very low risk, but just seeing what anyone else may think. The area where I am at now was the epicenter of the pandemic when it began, but of course is doing much, much better now. Just concerns me this guy had no mask on (I think he said "sorry" as we walked past each other), and by bumping into me, we clearly weren't 6 feet apart (and this was inside the building). But this was as brief of an exposure as you can get and I did have a mask on, although he did not. Thoughts?
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It does not sound like you have anything to worry about. (If your area was once an epicenter, it's even possible he has already had the virus and is temporarily immune, which might explain why he was going around without a mask.) But even if not, it doesn't sound like the kind of exposure that gets people sick.
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