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Hello everyone!Well i read an article recently about a woman that had a nasal swab for covid19 testing and all of a sudden cerebrospinal fluid started leaking through her nose.The woman had a pre-existing encephalocele but she wasn't aware of it.I had the test 4 days ago and I am scared.I am 27 years old female but I may have a connective tissue disorder(my skin is very fragile) so I am worried.
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Well, consider that they've done millions and millions and millions of these tests around the world, and you know of one case where this has happened, right? She had a pre-existing condition that contributed, which you don't have, and you may or may not have a skin disorder, so the chances of this happening to you are slim to none.

You could always follow up with your doctor, but unless you see any symptoms of this, I wouldn't worry.

Is anxiety a normal thing for you? I'd focus more energy on getting help for that. You deserve to find some coping skills and peace. :)
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Thank you so much for your response auntiejessi <3..Well I do in fact have an anxiety disorder.But at the same time the most unbelievable things happen to me..So I tend to always focus on the worst case senario haha
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