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Plume of Air / Any Risk?

I apologize for what might be a ridiculous question, but here goes: We received a grocery delivery today. The shopper was not wearing a mask but was wearing gloves. He left the groceries on the front porch and I retrieved them. After unpacking everything and washing up; maybe about an hour or so after, we were fitting all the grocery packaging and grocery bags into one big trash bag to be disregarded and put out of sight. As I was stuffing the last small bag (containing other items) into the larger one, the lack of room and my attempting to stuff everything to create room resulted in a plume of air pushing out from the garbage directly onto my face (was not wearing a mask at this point).

I'm now wondering whether if there was contamination on the items that were in the bag, if the forcing of air out of the bag could in a sense pull the virus off the surface of the items and in into the escaping air, hypothetically resulting in an aerosolized issue for my face. It wasn't like I was breathed on from another person, but could it be possible that, hypothetically, the virus could have been released from the surfaces of the thrown away packaging by way of the air plume? I know there are a lot of unknowns right now and I had read about aerosol issues, so hoping this realistically wouldn't be one as I am definitely in a hot spot now. Thanks.
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You know, nothing is a dumb question right now and we're all anxious and worried!  I understand your concern.  There is mixed messaging on surface contamination and groceries.  This seems to transfer easiest through the air which would be droplets someone coughs, sneezes or spews through speaking into the air.  I would not think droplets would be in the air of the bag.  Perhaps some droplets were left on the bags themselves but that goes back to surface contamination.  Touching it.  The person who delivered the groceries didn't have the bag on their head.  :>)  So, I in all honesty think you are all good.  Wash your hands!  We can only control so much in life.  Being in a hot spot is scary.  I am sorry we are all going through this!
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Thank you for your reply! I really appreciate it. I always try to be level headed about these things, but it is so frustrating trying to do all the right things and realizing it is impossible to be perfect. I thought this may be low risk but it is just so hard to say now! Thanks again.
I really believe you will be just fine with this situation of air coming out of the bag.  It's definitely a time in which lots of things worry us but I think you are good!
What I hear is this:  there is a theoretical risk about the virus on surfaces but nobody has ever been found to have the virus from this source, they've all been in close contact with someone who has it.  Given the very large number of cases worldwide, this isn't something to worry about.  There's enough to worry about.  Peace.
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