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Revised from CDC: covid19 does not spread easily from surfaces

Well, I'm glad to hear this although this was certainly hyped up for a long time. The CDC is now saying that the corona virus does not transfer easily from surfaces.  That's good news!
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They stop short of quantifying how much is "easily".  They know that the virus is still activated on surfaces for a while depending on the surface but no one has determined if those populations are large enough or stable enough to infect. So we are stuck sanitizing until this gets resolved, but I don't worry so much now when I make a surface touch but forget to clean my hands for a while. I still treat every incident where this happens as a possible contamination though.  

I would think there are people who have not had any contact with others but touched an infected surface and didn't wash properly afterwards (such as me since I don't even shop in stores) so if no one at this point can trace such an instance to Covid infection then it must be very hard to get from contact, but that is just my guess - only time will determine if no one ever shows up positive from contact transmission.
Ahem, but I've been saying this for awhile now.  This isn't new scientific information.   If you've been listening to scientists and physicians they've been saying this for a long time now, and I just repeat what I've been hearing.  That doesn't mean stop taking precautions by washing hands when you get home or after touching that package that came but I've never used sanitizer.  Don't own any.  Never heard anyone had gotten it that way.  I do go out for my groceries every week with my wife and we get take-out we pick up as well.  I go to the drugstore when I've needed to.  Again, I have a rotten life that has me lying on my floor doing physical therapy exercises for hours a day and I hate it, but because of it I listen to a ton of programs where experts are interviewed every day.  I also listen to public radio when I go out for exercise.  So I've heard a ton of different experts and physicians interviewed and this aspect has never been the major concern, it has always been being in fairly lengthy and close contact with someone who has the virus and spreads it to your mouth or nose.  But please, do take precautions.  I've likened this to HIV.  Back in the day people were told to wear condoms even when performing oral sex.  It was because the virus was present.  But after awhile nobody was presenting with the disease who was only doing that activity and so while no scientist will tell you it's impossible to get it that way they will tell you it's not a risk because nobody ever has.  That has been the case with covid so far as well, but it's still very early days with this disease so we can't be as confident about it.  Peace and continued health, all.  
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