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Traveling by plane with baby COVID 19

We are planning to travel overseas from Canada (10 hours flight) and we have a 5 month old baby. Since he can’t wear a mask, is it safe for him to travel? How likely is it that infants get infected with Covid-19?
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There’s a theory now that the immune system of infants works differently from adults and offers more protection. You are significantly more likely to suffer.  Are you going to have to quarantine two weeks on your arrival?
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I agree that you are at higher risk than your baby. Is it absolutely essential that you travel at this time?
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The very young don't have fully developed immune systems yet, and it seems that unlike with the flu with covid this is an advantage, hence the far lower rates of infection in the young and the more likely an infection will be mild.  There's a theory that the very young lack part of the immune system that adults have that the covid virus uses to get us.  That doesn't mean the very young can't get covid, but it does mean it doesn't happen often.  It's also apparently not being on a plane that is a big spreader, and that has something to do with the air circulation on a plane.  It's not as good for covid as other indoor air circulation because of the individual air vents above.  But there's also the getting to the airport, the leaving the airport, etc.  Nobody is going to tell you this is risk free, but it is low risk for your child.  You have to decide if this trip needs to happen.  My wife just left this morning on a plane because her Mom died and she needs to be there for her Dad.  But we both know it's not safe because she's an older adult, and we have to decide if she has to do any isolating, which she probably won't because she's obviously really sad.  Sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do, but if we don't have to, better not to right now.  
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If it were me, I wouldn't travel right now, with a baby or even if I found a way to leave the baby behind in safe hands, just because I had a baby relying on me to stay healthy. But as Pax says, sometimes we gotta do what we gotta do. If this is trip something that can be done another time? Are you going from somewhere safe to somewhere less safe? I'd sure think hard about whether to do it.
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