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What to know before covid vaccination

The day is looming for me.  Not sure which vaccine I will get and am trying not to be nervous. Wish I were skinnier, had lower blood pressure and hadn't had covid going into it . . .   but such is life (as I know it).  What facts does one need going into the vaccine?  Taking tylenol or ibuprofen is okay and if not, when can you again?  What to look out for?  How to be prepared?
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Most of my family has already gotten it, and I get it tomorrow. So far, no one has reacted badly, including one with diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and some other things. The most is a sore arm and some fatigue. Obviously, your mileage may vary. No one in my family had covid prior, which is really a bloody miracle.

Did they schedule your second appt? Is it 3 weeks or 4 weeks after your first dose? 3 weeks is Pfizer, 4 weeks is Moderna. If they say it's one dose, it's J&J. Where are you getting it done? Check their website. It should say it somewhere.

"The day is looming..." That sounds so daunting. How about the DAY IS COMING! One step closer to some sense of normalcy? You're doing your part to help get there?  :)

You've already had covid. Whatever happens with this, it will only last a couple of days, and won't be nearly that bad, right?
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I was ecstatic when I finally got my appointment after a couple months of waiting for enough vaccine to show up after I became eligible.  I think the advice is to avoid NSAIDs before getting the shot, but okay after, but not sure why you'd need any if it's one of the two shot vaccines, as the 2d shot is where you're most likely to have what sounds like at most a two day flu-like thing.  Again, the shot itself you won't even feel.  I did get a pretty sore muscle for 3 days, but it didn't prevent me from doing anything, it just hurt, and didn't need any medication.  I mean, it's just kind of there and annoying, but it doesn't get worse and again doesn't prevent any use of the arm.  I don't think having had covid makes any difference, nor do any of the other conditions you mention.  You've had vaccines all your life, this is just another one, and you're doing the whole world a blessing by seeing to it as best as we can you don't keep this virus going.  So no prep necessary, just go and it's quick and then you sit around for 15 minutes as they see if there's any allergic reaction, which there won't be, it almost never happens, or you can take your cello like Yo Yo Ma and serenade everyone waiting until they tell you it's okay to go home and you're back to your life.  If it's the one shot, then any effects will be felt after that, as there's no second shot and then you're done with that one.  You'll be fine.
Also, not sure why you don't know if it's a two shot or a one shot.  They don't tell you if it's at a mass vaccination center if it's BioNTech or Moderna, but they do tell you if it's one of those or Johnson and Johnson.  If it's at a drug store or doctor's office, it should say when you sign up which one they have.  Peace, Mom.
I have had a wicked headache since last night!  And it's been on and off for a little while.  I was highly tempted to take something for it such as ibuprofen (which is best but I try not to take it) or tylenol.  But I held off as I remembered somehow that you aren't supposed to take it prior to the vaccine. I thought about singing for everyone for entertainment since I can't play the cello but they looked so relaxed . .. I didn't want to destroy that with my fog horn pipes. :-)
All of the vaccines are good. My entire family got Pfizer shots one and two with 21 days in between each one and outside of having a sore arm which we all have with most vaccines there were no side effects. The shot itself felt like a pinch for a split second and then it was over. They asks that you sit in an area so they can observe you for twenty minutes to make sure you don't have any reaction. During that time I look at my emails and read a book in order to keep my mind busy and not have any anxiety about the shot. Afterwards, you can leave just keep your vaccination card with you at all times. You will get an email to schedule the second shot 21 or 28 days later depending on which shot you got. The area where you got the shot will get really sore that night and continue throughout the next two days and then it will go away. One thing is you cannot mix the shots if you start with Pfizer or Moderna you have to get the second shot with that as well.
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Did you get it done? How'd it go?
Yep, got the Pfizer vaccine.  Back on the 15th for round two.  Ran very smoothly, I was impressed.  It hurt, arm is sore.  I'm tired.  But really, I already was tired. . .   You got it also?  How did it go for you?
I had a bit of a rough weekend - sore joints, low temp, fatigue.

My arm felt like I had been hit by a baseball but then I woke up on day 3, or 2? (I got it Thurs afternoon, woke up Saturday) and my arm no longer hurt at all.

The rest is gone this morning, and I'm back to normal levels of tired lol.
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