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Hi, being allergic to codeine and Opioids, is it safe to take the Pfizer Vaccine
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You should talk to the doctor or pharmacist about your allergy prior to receiving the vaccine.  Have you had an allergic reaction to any other medications or vaccines? If not, it is likely that your allergy is limited to opioids.
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had allergic reactions to most medications, i can only take Panamor, Trepiline, panado and disprin.  Vaccines NO previous allergic reactions but then again the last Vaccine i got was when i was a child.  This allergy developed after my first Knee operation.  They gave me Trameset and i landed up in hospital, after tests they confirmed the allergy.  Thank you for the advice.
Yeah, you should definitely talk to a doctor or the pharmacist before getting your vaccine.  A pharmacist would probably actually be best, as they are most aware of the common ingredients present in those medications and can determine if any are in the vaccine, or anything derived from similar sources.
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i'm not sure why people are telling you to talk to a pharmacist - i would talk to your healthcare provider. they are the ones that have your medical history.
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Thank you
I didn't intend to imply  that the OP should talk to a pharmacist instead of their healthcare provider.  The pharmacist will know more about drugs and their shared ingredients, but of course the healthcare provider will be able to provide individualized recommendations.
I'm not sure either a doctor or a pharmacist will have your answer if it depends on ingredients.  If your allergy was to some common additive and not to opiates themselves, I'm just wondering if we know all of the ingredients at this point?  I don't really know.  I've never heard of someone being allergic to opiates as our brain contains opiates, but the vaccine doesn't contain opiates, that we know.  What we don't know is if you were allergic to the opiate part or some additive, as all drugs have additives in them and most of them aren't things we would usually choose to put in our bodies but they do have to stabilize and preserve the drug.  I'd ask your doctor, your pharmacist, and write to the manufacturer of whichever vaccine you choose to take if its additives you're sensitive to, but if it's the actual opiates, again, can't speak to it, but there are not opiates in the vaccine.  If you're having an allergic reaction to a host of medications, given they are quite different from one another, it does make me wonder if you're having some other reaction that isn't an allergy but more of an intolerance in that your system just doesn't take to these artificial substances.  To me, this is a complicated issue, and that's why I'm wondering just who would know the answer.  Peace.
I would also consider, are the allergic reactions you get tolerable?  Are they able to be treated by a physician?  I ask because some have gotten severe allergic reactions to the vaccines, but that's shock, and it is easily treated and a whole lot less of a problem than getting covid.  
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