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2nd degree burn from laser tattoo

I just had my 3rd session of laser tattoo removal on my arm. It faded a little bit, but this time i thin the nurse didnt knew what he was doing. He just burned all my skin. Every time he hited me with laser my skin bleeds, i tought it was normal cause he was in a more higher setting. Ok, i did the aftertreatment as i always does (this time was really to much blood, very unusual for me. But after 2 weeks, all the scabs have fallen down, but i m left with a red/pink/whitsh mark, all over my arm, and in places that were no ink (I tought that the laser hits only affects areas that have ink but i guess i m wrong) It is quite noticiable and when I press/push it the skin turn white (like it dont have any pigmentation)  Is this pink/red color will ever fade ? What I can do to fix this.

I m lookin for another tattoo removal here where i live and that uses a more new laser. I know the laser that this place I was going use is very very old, but is a Q-switched (at least I belive so). I m going to another place that uses the medc6.

Please any advices on this will be helpful, I really want the pink/red pigementation to go away even if it turns white, I prefer white than red, but today is 2 weeks from de procedure and it is still here.

Thanks in advance
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It is possible that you are left with the equivalence of a burn injury.  This is often treated topically with aloe vera gel.  If you are going to another treatment center, have them evaluate your current condition and advise you.
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Yes, i think it is a burn injury, cause that what laser is, but it only affects the ink (not this time) every time i do lasers i got blisters, and redness (2nd degree burn) but after 2 weeks my skin is back to normal without any mark. This time as I said was different and 2 weeks later i have this pink-that-turn-white-when-i-press patches on my skin. This session i didnt have too much blisters (just really tiny ones) but i think it was cause i used sillicone **** in the first 2 days. Sometimes when I look to it is white, but than it turn pink/red again, or when i move my arm up i think it becomes white, and you cant see it just in the light. I m using pure aloe vera gel that I bought from CVS since i did the treatment, with vaseline sometimes.

I m thinkin in starting using sillicone sheets again, is this a good a ideia? And vitamin E?

Thank you.
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