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Axillary Accessory Breast

I am an 18 year old female from Miami, Florida. I have just recently found out that the excess mass coming from my underarms are two axillary accesory breasts. I have always been very self conscious of them and stay away from any type of clothing that might expose them. Because of the extra breasts, the appearance of my more developed and natural breasts have been effected. They are lower than where they should be and sag more than any 18 year old's breasts with no children should ever sag. Along with the removal of the accesory breasts, I would like to do a reconstruction of the natural breasts. Would you recommend this? What method do you recommend I request for the removal of my accessory breasts? Do you have any idea of the range in which either one of these surgeries/procedures might cost me?
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It is possible to perform both a breast lift (mastopexy) and removal of your axillary breasts at the same time.  You would need to accept residual scarring from the lift.  Cost will vary from surgeon to surgeon and be different from similar procedures in California, where I practice.  Clearly it would be advisable to obtain one or more consultations with local plastic surgeons to get an opinion about a lift and axillary breast resection along with the associated costs.
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