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Dear Doctor,
I am early 50's, contemplating breast lift surgery.  I may have implants done at the same time.
My main concerns are these:
1) Will the nipple sensation be the same after surgery and recovery? Nipple feeling is a big part of arousal for me and I would hate to lose it.
2) At my age, should I be concerned about the life of implants?  I would rather not do anything that will certainly require additional surgery if I live to be elderly.

Thank you.
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A breast lift (mastopexy) with implants is a common procedure.  The risk of loss of nipple sensation associated with just nipple placement exists, but is rare.  The lift itself involves removal of skin only and should not affect nipple sensation.  

Implant manufacturers state that implants are not lifetime devices and will ultimately require implant removal and/or replacement.  In my experience this is not common and does not need to be done on a scheduled basis.  If you accept the small risk of implant removal and replacement as well as the very small risk of loss of nipple sensation, then your improved shape and size warrants going ahead with the procedure.
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