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Birthmark questions

Hi. My name is Sarah, I am 20 years old and I have a rather large birthmark on my lower left leg. I don't know anything about it, like what kind it is, or anything like that. I can tell you my mom has the same one... it's in almost a perfect oval shape and kinda a dark brown (I have pale skin). I've recently moved to FL and would love to go on the beach sometimes or just hang out with friends in shorts or something, but I find myself embarrassed of it as well as continually wondering who is looking at it. Another problem I have with it is that the hair that grows there is a lot thicker and courser than the rest of my leg hair. My question is, is it possible to get it removed? and if so, will that change the leg hair? what would the cost of this procedure be? If it is removed, will it ever come back?

sorry.. that was more than just one question... but I know nothing about it, so any information would be great. thanks a ton!
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Based on your description of the birthmark, it is likely a mole with excess hair growth (technically called a 'giant hairy nevus').  Depending on the size of the mole, it can be treated with surgical removal or laser therapy or both.  It is not clear if this can be completely erased without some residual discoloration or scar in the area.  See a local plastic surgeon about treatment to give you a realistic opinion about the success of treatment and the costs involved.
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