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Breast Implants redone

I had my breasts done in December 2006, i went from a A to a DD, I originally wanted a C cup but the doctor went a little overboard. I went back to him in June, told him I was unhappy and he offered to redo them at no cost(other then the antibiotics and painkillers). I had them redone yesterday and they look ALOT better, and because i went from a DD to a large C there was extra skin and they look very real and feel soft. I am very happy with the result and that my doctor was honest enough to fix the mistake.

This wasnt a question, but rather a comment for everyone to see.

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I think it is very important for anyone considering any form of cosmetic surgery, to discuss the potential costs of revision, should it be necessary, with their physician prior to the surgery.  In the situation noted above, I try to make sure that every breast augmentation patient is fitted for implants and makes their own decision about size (with my help, if desired) prior to the procedure.  I never try to dictate my aesthetics to the patient.  I then let the patient know what costs are involved should they request an alteration of their size after the surgery.

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I went from a large A to a large C.  I think my doctor went a little overboard as well because what I wanted was a full B.  It's been four months now and I am just not happy.  Because it is cosmetic surgery, I don't know if my doctor will fix them without me paying the full price again.  Is it common for doctor's to redo them at no cost?  
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