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Breast Lift Wont Hold

Is it possible for your skin to be so damaged that a breast lift just wont hold. I had implants with a redo breast lift 3 months ago. I had lost about 100 lbs before the first lift 2 years ago, and then another 70 lbs before the second lift. During the second surgery the doctor also put in under the muscle memory gel implants.

For the first month my breast where up and perky and fabulous. But since they have seem to loose all fullness on top and begin to sag again, like they werent lifted at all. The doctor told me that the reason they have fallen is because the skin is so damaged that it wont hold the lift. That if he went in and redid it, they would just fall again.

Is this true, can you skin be so damaged it wont hold the lift. Am I going to be 25 and stuck with saggy boobs forever?

Thanks for all your help!
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It is my experience that the skin from massive weight loss patients like you, lacks the elasticity that you seen in other people.  This results in difficulty holding shape after a lift procedure.  An additional procedure may be worthwhile to additionally shape your breasts.
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