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Breast Numbness 6 Months After Breast Augmentation

I am now 6 1/2 months post-op (breast aug. under the muscle with crease incision) and both of my breasts are completely numb. Whatever small areas (like a part of the outsides of each breast) that have sensation have had sensation since day one post-op, therefore there has been no improvement whatsoever over time. The numbness begins at the incision mark and spreads up the entire breast on both sides, the upper part of the breast has very, very little sensation rather than full numbness, like the nipple down. Again, this sensation has been as it is now since just after the surgery.

My question is: Do I have a reasonable chance of getting full, or any, sensation back?

This has turned my life for the worst, causing extreme depression and regret. PLEASE help me by giving me any answers relating to your patient's experiences with this complication or letting me know what you think of my sensation returning. I know I'm supposed to wait a year for "full sensation" but seeing as there has been NO improvement, what are my chances?
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There is no specific nerve that innervates the nipple area, although some nerves coming from the rib cage are divided in the course of performing the procedure.  At six months post-op, there is still hope that return of sensation will occur, but this will diminish over time.  If this remains present after one to one and one-half years post surgery, then the condition will not likely improve.  It is also age dependent, with older patients having less ability for nerve regeneration than younger patients.  This is a relatively rare condition, but if you have it, it is obviously quite distressing.
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