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Breast implant reduction after kids

I had breast augmentation in 2008. I have had a baby and I am now pregnant with another. When i first got them done, they were perfect. Perky and full. Now, of course after a baby, they have tended to sag a little and the skin has become a little thin, but the breast itself has grown. I am noticing it is hard on my shoulders when wearing a bra. Is there a way to get a breast lift and go down a size in implants? My problem is, I tend to keloid sometimes. I didnt with augmentation, but I did with my c-sections. So, I am just wondering if a breast lift will be ok with my type of scaring?
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If your breast scarring from the augmentation healed well, then I would expect a similar result from scarring with a breast lift.  A reduction of implant size with a lift would be an appropriate operation.  It should not be considered until after three or four months after you baby comes or after you stop nursing.
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