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Can I breast feed??

I want to get breast implants done in the next 2 months or so, but I was also wondering can I breast feed after having the implants. I have heard 2 stories for it, some people say yes & some say no.

Please help
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Breast feeding is certainly possible after implants and many of my patients have done this without problem.  In many women, breast shape and size change after pregnancy and breast feeding.  The presence of implants will not prevent these changes, if they are to occur.
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I must further this - what are the chances of her implants leaking and affecting the developing fetus and development of the breasting feeding child? - I heared all implants leak to an extent even if it is so minimal that she will never need a replacement
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Your breasts will change so much due to pregnancy and breastfeeding.  Why not wait until you are done?  Just a thought..
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i would seriousely look into the risks associated with affecting your fetuses health - everything can cause defects, you can never be too careful! < retinol, most herbal products - the air we breathe - dye - many things in common products
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