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Cheekbone surgery

I had some Radiesse injectable filler injected on my right cheekbone to hide a small scar i had about three years ago.
The Radiesse caused a lump to appear and seemed quite apparant which made me self concious. I wanted to make the lump dissapear and i was going to have some steroids injected to help reduce the lump.
After hearing it was potentially dangerous i decided to approach my gp who forwarded me onto an nhs surgeon.
The nhs surgeon cut around the initial scar which was about 2 cm in length and 3 mm in width running vertically on my cheekbone. He then scraped away the lump which was a lump of tissue formed by the radiesse.
The lump was directly above my cheekbone and the surgeon scraped away the top part of my cheekbone as he was scraping the lump.
If i feel the left side cheekbone, the untouched cheekbone i can feel the cheekbone curves smoothly upwards onto the corner of my eye socket.
But on the right cheekbone where the surgeon scraped away the lump i can feel that the top part of my cheekbone doesnt have that curve because the top part of my cheekbone which runs to the corner of my eye socket feels more flat and i cant feel the plumpness of the bone, as its been scraped.away.

Also the surgery made my cheek muscles swell up and that puffy look hasnt gone my gp said it may be scar tissue in the cheek.

I was wondering is there any way i can build up the curve of the top part of my cheekbone as it doesnt look symmetrical is there any procedure out there that could give the top part of my cheekbone that slight curve?

Also how can i reduce the puffy look of the cheek muscles from the surgery?

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This is a very complex problem that can only be evaluated after enough time has elapsed from your last procedure (about six to nine months).  You describe boney asymmetry and swelling the the underlying soft tissues with scar tissue formation.  Only a direct examination will determine what, if anything, is the best approach to your problem.  See a local plastic surgeon.
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