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Could my body be rejecting my year old breast implants (saline)

Could my body be rejecting my yr old breast implants (saline)?   Have had several bouts of skin itching no rash, only to be releived by steroid shots.  Have had blood and allergy tests that come out negative.  Taking Xyzal, singulair and atatrax .  Atarax only at night. Now I have had sudden onset of aching joints.  I feel like I had a great work out..but I have not.  Please advise.  I am grateful for any thoughts.
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Saline implants are not allergenic and there is no certainty that their removal will relieve your symptoms.  Anecdotally, I have explanted several patients with saline implants and symptoms they related to the implants, with no significant change in symptoms.  However, if you are convinced that the implants are the source of your problem, there is not harm in removing them.
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