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Dying Breast after Augmentation

     Six weeks ago I had a mastoplexy with analogous augmentation and a lower body lift.  Healing has been slower then I expected with an area on the hip that become necrotic and is now a 6cm x 5cm x 2 cm hole. This started as an scab that was 2cm x 2cm that has grown over the last few weeks, but I believe that the corner has been turned.
     My big concern is the Doctor removed a scab on the breast and now I have a 6 cm tunnel and a hard mass that he said could be necrotic fat.  What can I expect for treatment? The thought of him carving a hole in the breast is frightening  Today we a doing the watchful waitnig thing, but he has not said what can be expectd as a course of treatment is the mass is dead fat.
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As long as the area of fat necrosis ultimately heals, you should have no problem except for a persistent lump from the fat necrosis.  Your real risk is extension of the problem ino the cavity where the breast implants were placed and secondary infection.  Careful follow-up with your doctor as you are doing is your best solution for a successful outcome.
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