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Fat Necrosis

I had Breast Reduction done in June '09 by Dr Behmand of Walnut Creek, CA. I have had three Sterile Abscess due to Fat Necrosis. I packed these wounds for several months. During that time, I got bacterial infection.
the Dr did a second surgery to remove dead tissue and re-arrange  tissues back in August 09. Since then i had two Abscess. I  also have a new one opened under my nipple last week. It's very painful. There is a huge lump around my nipple area which I think is Fat Necrosis. How do I take care of this once and for all so that I don't deal with Abscess and Packing for the rest of my life?
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The real question is why has fat necrosis occurred.  Fat necrosis develops from vascular insufficiency to the tissues.  Is this the result of the surgery itself or contributed by some additional underlying condition.  I am as puzzled as your surgeon probably is.  Once the devascularized fat is removed, the pain and drainage should stop.
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I am not a Dr but I had similar healing problems w permanent sutures that would not allow my tissue to heal and I had to keep getting surgury to remove necrotized fat. I have heard they use these sutures in breast reductions. Ask ur surgeon if he used them. If so have them removed and see if you can then finally heal. Just my humble opinion. Also ask if the sutures used were a braided suture made by a co. Called Ethicon. Good luck!
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Thank you for the feedback. DR or not, please help me out!!
Everytime an abcess forms and wound opens. The Sutures show up and they don't look like they're desolved. I think you may have answered my question. I will follow up. All other test show that there is no other systemic cause to the Fat Necrosis.
THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, SEROMA!! Please tell me more.
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Hi again,
Well I had a platysmal plication done and afterwards my throat swelled up like a bullfrog! It was painful and ugly and scary and no one knew why? My dr explained what he had done and when I heard he had used these sutures that stay in and dissolve slowly over time I started researching it. I found that although they use these sutures commonly and they r FDA approved I stared finding many patients were having problems w healing. It is like a foreign body tissue reaction. I found out the company used to make a suture called vicryl sutures that turned out to have pesticides in the fiber and caused so many problems they ended up being sued in a class action law suit. Most problems don"t get reported because there is no central place to report to and usually the problems eventually  resolve so there is nothing to report. I just had a breast job replacing old implants only, and I healed up in 2 weeks it seemed. No problems at all! But with the neck surgery! OmG it took 3 surgeries and a year and half of healing. I don't think I would be healed yet if I had not found the info on the sutures. My dr removed them and then later removed the necrotized fat that surfaced a few months later.before he removed them I had an xray and a ct scan done and it just looked like amass of really amgry pissed off inflamed tissue. The outer incision wouldn't heal either. It was a mess. Oozing painful had to leep it bandaged etc. Almost lost skin from necrosis. It did finally heal but because the tissues stayed inflamed and irritated for so long it was a long grueling healing process. for me there was enough scar tissue left to hold the tissue he tightened in my neck in place. For you removing the sutures might change the results of the breast lift since the sutures create a kind of bra support on the inside. So it might not be what you want to hear, however if you are experiencing a bad reaction to the sutures it might be what you need. Unfortunately your surgeon won't really be able to tell you if its that or not. As dr Rosenburg already pointed out it could be an underlying condition.or stress on your body or so many unknowns as we are different in how we heal and like I said my last surgery was a breeze. So it doesn't necessarily mean you will always have healing problems. Its been so long though since your initial surgery and removing the fat necrosis isn't doing it and you clearly are suffering. I would research the sutures. I have heard a lot of suture problems of this type in my research from tummy tucks to breast reductions/lifts to neck lifts. Oh yes I also got a bad seroma from the sutures early on that required repeated draining, hence my Med Help name! Lol hang in there but don't expect your PS to do diognostic work. He can't and won't practice experimental medicine but if you bring him your research and ask him to help you I am sure he will work with you. Don't blame him though as these sutures are FDA approved,plus he may have had good luck w them and not experienced this with anyone yet. I think there is a big issue w them from the amount of problems I found online with patients have similar healing problems and they HURT! Again the type I had was a braided blue suture and the company is called Ethicon sorry for all the typos I'm on a BB. I wish you all the best! It will be okay. Time heals all wounds. Google suture reaction complications. P$ease let us know how you fare and good luck to you!
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