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Frustrated with breast pain

I am 43, 5'3.1/2" tall, 125 pounds, and have 36-38 c-d size breasts depending on time of month and "any" fluctuation in wt. I have very painful, very lumpy breasts that are pendulous with very large areolas. I just want all the fibroid tissue gone, (which I'm thinking would be all the breast tissue), and I would love breasts small enough that they don't ever need supported. I'm tired of being in pain from the time of ovulation until after my period, (and then some if the cysts don't go down). I've always wanted small breast, I envy those that don't have to wear a bra ever. I have read that not wearing a bra can help relieve breast pain, but having them dangling for hours is also painful, not to mention trying do any type of aerobic type exercise is laughable. What can be done?
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A breast reduction procedure would definitely help.  Although it would not completely removal all of the cystic problems, the weight reduction and elimination of many of your cysts will significantly improve your symptoms.  Consult with a local plastic surgeon to discuss your options.
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