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Getting genital reconstructive surgery due to bully abuse

Hi. My name is Tim Ridge and I live in Dallas, TX.  About twenty-five years ago when I attended a private school,  I was viciously attack by five boys.  Four of them held me down while another boy who was wearing boots kicked me in the genitals about ten times.  Never less to say the pain was excruciating.  Even though my penile nerve works.  Due to the pain in my testicles and the pain in the spongy area of the penis,  I no longer like penile sex.
I have worked through the anger due to wonderful caring people.  

Last January I addressed this issue with a urologist who confirmed the damage.  Then I met with a plastic surgeon who also confirmed the damage.  I then asked him if it were possible take my male genitalia and turn it into female genitalia but, take male hormones to maintain my secondary male traits.  He said yes.
I then visited my psychiatrist and after a lot of questions he cleared me and wrote a letter.
I have been in a very long relationship with a very kind person and they are in support of the surgery.
Unfortunately  my insurance will not cover this surgery and I can't afford it.

I was wondering if your organization could do this surgery for me?  And if not, could you refer me to a charity organization that could?
I do have the letters from the doctors and psychiatrist if you need them.

Thank you,
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