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Help choosing a plastic surgeon

Hi, I live in NYC and I am planning on having a tummy tuck and a breast lift w/ implants done in a couple of weeks. I work for NYPD and I don't make alot of money. My husband and I agree it is best to pay for the surgery upfront oppose to financing. So, cost is a major factor. I am familiar with 3 surgeons work, my sisters and co-workers have referred these surgeons to me and I have seen their work. However 1 surgeon's fees are alot lower thant the other 2. Is this a reason to be skeptical? Why are his fees so much lower than the other 2 surgeons? He does excellent work, I have seen it first hand. He performs his surgeries in a hospital, not a private facility.
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If the doctor's credentials are good (i.e. a Board certified plastic surgeon) and you are comfortable with him and his results, his pricing should not be an issue.
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