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Is breast lift still possible now that i have implants

Hi i had a breast augmentation over two months ago i was supposed to have a lolly pop lift along with it but the surgeon decided not to do the lift while i was on the operating table in a way i am glad that he did not perform the lolly pop lift as i was not to happy with the idea of the scars. I am happy with the overall results, however i do feel that the look of my breasts would be much better with a lift. when i put the creasent or doughnut lift forward to my surgeon in my pre op consultations he was unsure what they were so i decided to go with the lolly pop lift as i did not want him to perform a procedure he was not familier with ( my surgeon is abroad in cyprus )
My question is, is it still possible to have a lift now that i have breast implants as i feel that my breasts still have sag and which of the lifts would you recommend is best with an implant already in place. Thank you in advance for your time.
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A breast lift is actually easier to perform after an implant is already in place because shape is more predictable and easier to adjust.  I use a tailor tacking mastopexy procedure to temporarily place sutures in the skin to precisely shape the breast and determine the pattern of skin to remove before committing to the incisions and scars.  
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