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Is there any "true" brest lift?

I had what I was told was to be both a breast lift and implants.  To begin with I had two consultations with the Dr. and both times I decided the 375 cc size was the right size.  He also said that he could get "very good" results with the breast lift.  At my first consultation post op, I found out that he used implants that were 475 cc and overfilled them to 520 or so.  1.)  Is it ethical and/or acceptable for the doctor to choose what size he uses if its not the same size as what the pt chooses?

My breasts were even lower after the surgery.  I pointed this out to him.  He then stated that there is not a "true breast lift".  He didn't say that before he took my money.  I had circum-areaolar purse string method and he did reduce the size of the areolars drastically.  It is now 5 years later.  2.) Is there a procedure to produce a breast lift?

Because of the size of the implants I have what look like old fat lady breast.  The radius of the breast is too large for my chest size, the bottom curve of the breasts are soo big they dont fit properly into a underwire in a bra, and there is no upper chest fullness.  I have gone to a second surgeon just recently who told me also there is nothing he can do to give me a lift.  He did suggest replacing the implants with smaller ones.  3.) Could high profile implants give me a good projection with a smaller radious and more lift?

Thank you in advance for your answers
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There are several options to correct your problem.  These include replacing the implants with smaller volume, higher profile implants at the same time that additional lifting is performed to adjust breast shape.  The details and planning of the procedure would require a direct examination.  In general, it is inappropriate to place a significantly different volume pre-determined implant size without pre-operative disclosure and consent.
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