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Knot or bump on chin post plastic surgery (flap, brow lift, jawl lipo)

I am a 49 year old male. I had a facelift (flap, brow lift, jowl lipo, etc.). No implants.
I had the surgery 22 days ago and since the surgery I have a large knot or lump or bump on the right side (lower part on bone) of my chin.
This bump does not move and is solid.
What can it be and how can I tell for sure?
The size is approximately the size of a quarter and is raised approximately 2 inches from the face.
I have tried ice, a little heat and massage.
Nothing seems to help.
I asked my doctor and he states that he is not happy to see it, but does not know what it is.
If I felt it would just go away with time, I would be okay with it.
During my surgery which lasted 9 hours, I had an artery to burst.
Thank God they did not wrap my head like some surgeons do, for the night nurse would have never known about the bleeder.
I endured another 1 and 1/2 hours with no medication as they opened me back up to find the location of the bleeder, which happened to be directly underneath my chin (midway chin to chest).
Your professional opinion, based on my description, would be greatly appreciated.
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The bump sounds like a resolving blood clot or hematoma in the chin area based on your history of a bleed elsewhere.  If this is the case, it should resolve with time, but may ultimately require drainage.
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