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Laser hair removal.... regrowth

I had a total of three laser hair removal treatments on the underarms and bikini area.  The device used was the "gentle yag".  The most significant result was after the first treatment, but I continued to have results after the next two.  I never had complete hairlessness and had to continue to shave about once a week after the treatments but the skin was smooth and the hair was significantly less.  My last treatment was at the end of May and in mJuly, I began to notice an increase in hair growth and now it seems as if I never had any treatments.  Basically, I am back to baseline.  I have not been re-treated because I moved but had planned to have another one in November when I go back.  My question is..... will more treatments be effective or am I basically "starting over"?  Is this common?
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Laser hair removal is a misnomer.  It should be termed laser hair reduction.  Multiple treatments are necessary because the treatment is only effective when the hair follicles are at a certain growth stage, and only a per cent of hairs in the treated area can be effectively eliminated at the time of laser therapy.  You will obviously require additional treatment, but do not expect 100% reduction in hair growth.
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