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Liposelection or SmartLipo?

I am 5'6" and weigh 130lbs. I have some cellulite on my thighs (front) and have extra fat in my lower abs and love handle area. I went for a SmartLipo consultation and I am more confused than before I went. The Doctor said that he would not do my thighs because I would end up with MORE cellulite than before and that he would recommend Liposelection by Vaser for the abs and love handles because I did not have "pockets" of fat, but just a general layer of extra fat.
I thought that SmartLipo was effective for areas like thighs with some cellulite. I am disappointed that there seems to be NOTHING that I can do about my thighs. I am not overweight and I do exercise, so he could not offer any solutions. He also said that he could only treat two areas at a time.
Do I need another opinion?
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The major problem here is that while there are a many procedures used to reduce cellulite, none produce lasting results and most are very unpredictable in their effectiveness.  

Smartlipo uses a workhorse laser (Neodynium/YAG) at high frequencies to directly disrupt fat cells.  (The fiberoptic probe is placed via a small incision directly into the fat.) It is often used in conjuction with traditional liposuction and reportedly helps the skin shrink.  It is not designed or promoted for cellulite treatment.

Liposelect is a form of direct ultrasonic liposuction.  Again, its use is for liposuction purposes and is not often used for cellulite.  Other alternatives include repeated treatments with roller therapy over the affected areas with either vacuum suction (Endermology treatment) or in associated with low level radiofrequency therapy (Velasmooth laser system).  If you have very high expectations for treatment results, it is likely that you will be disappointed.  Consistent predictable long term results are not available yet.
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