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After Consulting with Dr Amiya Prasad, he suggested cool liposuction instead of regular liposuction.  Cool Lipo is suppose to be liposuction of the future, no anesthesia, no trauma, little swelling,  back to work after a 3 day weekend, quick recovery, etc.  Has anyone had Cool Liposuction?  What where the results.
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I presume you mean laser liposuction.  This involves destroying fatty tissue with a laser.  Liposuction is still necessary to remove the damaged fat.  I personally prefer traditional liposuction using a power assisted unit where removal of fat hs been consistent and effective. Usually recovery from this technique is an extended weekend to return to normal activity levels, with three or four weeks for most of the gross swelling to subside.  I have not been convinced that the additional of a $100,000+ machine and additional operative time improves the results.
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