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Liposuction didn't work

In April this year I had External Ultrasonic Liposuction with Smart Laser Liposuction of the arms to reduce the size and make them more in proportion to the rest of my body.  I don't recall the amount that was taken out but it was pretty substantial, plus I was awake for the procedure and saw the fat in the collection container.  It is now 5 months since the surgery and the swelling is gone, but my arms are still 12" in circumference.  They are not smaller at all.  I saw the surgeon last month and he said to wait until the 6 month mark to be sure all the swelling is down, but he also gave me a line about "we reduced the volume but that doesn't mean the circumference would change because we reduced it from armpit to elbow, not in just one small area" or something like that.  He said if I measured the circumference in many places along the length of my upper arm I would see it went down.  I wanted the 12" to go down!  The area by my elbow was fine.  Is he serious?  How can you reduce the volume, but not the circumference?  Isn't that the whole basis behind liposuction?  I'm considering insisting he redo it, just to see if the circumference can be reduced.  I can still feel fat under the skin.  I don't work out with weights (he told me not to), so it isn't that my arms are excessively muscular, and I haven't gained any weight since the surgery.  Can you give me some advice and answers?  Thank you.
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At four months post surgery, I usually expect to see virtually the final result of liposuction.  I do not , however, use external ultrasound or Smartlipo, but traditonal and power assisted liposuction.  I advise patients now to rely on circumference measurements, but to judge the results based on appearance of the the treated area along with  a comparison with  their pre-operative condition.  

If there has been no documented difference between pre and post-op photos, then additional liposuction can be done.  I advise patients to wait at least nine to twelve months or more after the date of their original surgery, before proceeding with any repeat surgery.  If revision surgery is performed too soon, the scarring from the original surgery will likely limit the ability to retrieve more fat and there will likely be excessive  bleeding, also limited the results of the revision.
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