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Long time prognosis of breast implants

My wife is thinking of getting breast augumenatation.  I am not too excited about it, mainly because of long term complications.  What is the 5 year and 10 year prognosis for such cosmetic surgery ?
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In my honest experience (over thirty years in practice and performing two to three augmentations per week), I have seen relatively few long term complications in patients with implants.  The occasioinal long term problems usually involve some degree of capsule contracture (hardening feel of the breast implant due to scar tissue constriction around the implant) and implant rupture.  I see both problems relatively rarely.  In either case, the problem can be resolved with surgical correction (release of the capsule or removal and replacement of the implant).  The alternative treatment would be complete removal of the implant without replacement.  If the implant is ultimately removed, there are no long term consequences.
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I had my implants for two years before having to replace the left one due to it leaking.  The right one was in for eleven years before it started leaking.  So I just had the both of them replace the last time.  They normally have a 10 year warrenty on them, that includes replaceing the implant and the fee to replace it.  I have saline implants.  Good luck and I'm sure you will love them when she has them done.
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I have had my implants since August of last year.  Despite the initial discomfort of about 1-2 weeks (most of which I continued to work), I love them.  Most if not all are warranteed, but my Dr. assured me that complications are rare but over time...up to 15-20years even they may need replaced or removed if I so choose.  I would do it again.  My husband thinks their great too and gets kidded from his friends which I think he loves.  I have more confidence and feel great in my clothes.  I am 5' 8" around 160 lbs, slightly pear shaped, was about 1/2 - 1 size bigger on one side and have had 2 kids.  was B - C ish.  Now 36 DDD.  Did not get lift. Located under the muscle.  Find a great Dr. in your area and have your wife go in for a consultation.  Mine was free and quote was good for 6 mos.  fun trying on the implants.  Make sure all doubts and questions are answered and she is having surgery for the right reasons.  Check out and feel comfortable with the surgeon and staff.  Also have found that the most expensive does not necessarily mean the best.  Compare surgeons in surrounding towns too.  Good Luck!
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