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Male Nipple Reconstructive Surgery

As ridiculous as it sounds, I'm quite serious. I'm 16 years-old and both my nipples for some odd reason split in half and protrude more than normal. They haven't always done this. Before I hit puberty, both my nipples were completely normal, but after I hit puberty for some reason my left nipple began to split in half. A couple years ago my right one started to as well. Now they look like two nipples in one. In this case, it's not the more the merrier.

My nipples aren't enormous, but they do protrude more than the "average" nipple. This sounds completely silly, absurd, and grotesque but it's none of those. They are something I'm self-conscious about around girls. I've talked to my parents about it. This leads me to my question. How much would nipple reconstructive surgery cost? Would it even be possible to fix them? Is it worth it? This isn't a huge issue, not life-threatening, nor extremely ugly, but it is something I want taken away. Is there something less invasive and costly than reconstructive surgery that I could do to make my nipples "normal"?

I feel completely ridiculous after typing that, but I assume it's worth it if I get some quality help. Thank you.
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Hi -

I'm not sure what you mean by nipples "splitting", but that would best be evaluated by a plastic surgeon in your area.  Regarding your protruding nipples, this is what we refer to as gynecomastia.  This is male breast enlargement that can occur around the time of puberty and usually resolves on its own.  If it does not resolve, a plastic surgery evaluation and medical workup may be indicated.  Once again, in regard to your nipples, you will need a physical exam to better determine the indicated treatment.
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