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Milk Production and implants

I had breast impants put in three years ago and they will inserted under the breast and under the muscle.  I just had a baby three weeks ago and my milk production is very low.  I am taking all these herbs and everything, but I only am able to pump out maybe an 1oz at a time.  A far cry from the four he needs.  Also, I never got engorged and didn't feel my milk come in like I did with my daughter before I got the implants.  Did getting them cause my milk to not come in fully?
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I believe that it is very unlikely that your augmentation has anything to do with your ability to breast feed.  This is particularly true if the implants sit submuscular (or partially submuscular) and were inserted through an incision that did not cut through breast tissue (inframammary, transaxillary or transumbilical).
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