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Muscle Reduction after Transplant?

Is it possible to reduce the size of a transplanted muscle?

I had a crushed heel bone that became infected, several surgeries later the docs had removed a muscle from my trunk and stuck it in the heel. Now I have a huge blob on the outside of my heel that makes wearing any sort of normal shoe impossible. Worse, the docs told me the area would have no feeling, well, it does, and they aren't pleasant, mostly due to the thing being squeezed all the time. I'm even getting fractures in bones further up in the foot from the impossibly wide "stupid" shoes that still don't give enough room for the heel, and way too much room for the toes.

I've heard of cal muscle reduction surgeries, could the same be done for this transplanted thing?

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It sounds like you had a free flap transplant to your heel to close a defect in that area.  While it is possible to revised and adjust the shape of a free flap, this would clearly be a decision your existing physicians should make, because of the complexity of your situation.
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