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Non Hodgkins Lymphoma and Breast Augmentation

Has anyone heard of any cases where a woman has gotten cancer after having breast augmentation? I had NHL almost 4 years ago. I am in remission and have been wanting to get breast implants. Due to having a cancer which affects the immune system, there are concerns that by having a foreign object in my body might bring the cancer back! Is there evidence of this happening. Is it a big risk? Has there been any research to see if this could happen to patients that are in remission from NHL? Please advise. Thankyou.
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I am unaware of any study or evidence that breast implants have any relationship or stimulate the formation of non-hodgkin's lymphoma.  The following facts are know: 1. breast implants do not cause breast cancer  2. breast implants do not stimulate the formation of auto immune diseases (as was asserted in the past with no good scientific data)  3. breast masses in vary rare and reportable cases have been diagnosed as NHL

I would consult with your oncologist for an opinion on this matter.
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Hi, my initial diagnosis was from a lump in my breast! It was located outside the lymph system and therefore was an aggressive form of NHL. I have been told by the surgeon that ultra sounds and mamograms and biopsy's (if needed) can still happen with implants if they are put behind the muscle. I just really need to be sure that there is a really small if no chance at all, of this setting of the NHL again. Thanks.
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