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Pectus Excavatum surgery for men

I have a similar case as the 19 year old male. I have also been considering cosmetic surgery for Pectus Excavatum. I to have a VERRY slight case and also have questions. I do understand that It would be an elective surgery and that it is not the best decision. I do however have a slight disfiguring in the center middle of my chest that i have been insecure about for a long time. I would like to have it fixed
1. What is involved with a strictly cosmetic surgery? are there different options?
2. If i chose to put on quite a bit more mussel would that effect how natural the center of my chest looked?
3. how long would it take to be able active again, IE lifting heavy weights, playing sports?
4. what risks are involved?
5. what should i expect the costs to be?

Thank you for your help!
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There are several choices available for correction of your pectus ranging from a simple injectable (not available in the US) to fill out the defect without surgery, to soft tissue rearrangement of tissues (including fat injections) to custom made implants that are implanted to reduce the defect.  Each of these alternatives have their own risks and benefits.  It would not be appropriate for a full discussion in this forum.  Your best alternative is to consult with a local plastic surgeon who can directly examine you and discuss your best alternatives.
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