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Post Pectus Excavatum, protruding Sternoclavicular Joint


When I was still pretty young (>6 yrs old) I had a fairly severe pectus excavatum, which I had surgery for.  While my rib cage has remained fairly even, my sternum and sternoclavicular joint are not.  The sternoclavicular joint on my right side protrudes forward, and the sternum on this side also protrudes to match for the top half of its length.  My right collar bone protrudes forward of the left because of the offset.  This makes my chest uneven, but I don't have any range of motion or major pain problems (although the right side of my chest and shoulder can hurt after weight lifting).

Being that this is all post pectus excavatum surgery, I'd assume this is now a cosmetic matter.  It's most likely not probable to assume my collar bone can be re-set in some way, the sternum flattened.  Would this be a case for an orthopedic surgeon, or a plastic surgeon?  If so what options would they provide?

Thanks much
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I would recommend that a plastic surgeon review your situation first because this is a condition that is more commonly seen in this specialty.
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